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Published 09.12.2023

You may now buy giftcards at Langt og Lenge!

The amount on the gift card gives a discount on the registration fee in one of the events organized by Langt og Lenge.

Each gift card can only be used once (i.e., for one event). You can use several gift cards to get an increased discount in the same event.

The gift card is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

How it works:

The buyer receives the gift card by e-mail from the web shop. The card has a unique code.

The user of the gift card must contact Langt og Lenge by e-mail

and specify

  • for which event the card is to be used
  • the unique code of the card

The user can use several gift cards for the same event (all codes must then be specified).

In a reply e-mail the user will receive a voucher code which gives a (total) discount when registering for the event.

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